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Highly Biocompatible Materials

UK based and multi-award winning, we have built a reputation in the medical device world as the company that goes that bit further to fulfil customer demand.

Medical device companies have a high regard for BioInteractions' technology and prefer to collaborate with us, as we are able to offer innovative and insightful expertise. The clinical benefits achieved, range the spectrum of disease conditions such as in cardiovascular, ophthalmology, oncology, nephrology, urology and in the area of diagnosis (both in-vivo and in-vitro).

As a direct result of our developments, we at BioInteractions, have technologies that address:

Haemocompatibility / tissue compatibility, Astute®

Prevention or reduction of infection, Tridant®

Enhanced lubricity, Assist™

Layer specialists

Astute®Our C2C services include a tailored application process for each device


Assist™Our C2C services is completed by our in-house coating services


Tridant®Our C2C services also include coating testing services

Real World Applications

The technology portfolio offered by BioInteractions adapts to a broader range of medical devices than that of many competitors. This gives you the customer increased versatility and the ability to design economical biocompatible materials for a greater number of differing applications.

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