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Commitment to Care

Personalized Support


BioInteractions further supports customers with our Commitment to Care (C2C) Service.

We appreciate the coating challenges do not end with the coating material. Our customers require further assistance navigating their development and their regulatory submission. We have utilised 25 years of expertise to boost our customers’ efforts in their development. C2C support service improves the capacity of our multi-phase materials to be applied in a variety of areas.

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Dedicated Support

Personalised to Enhance Your Technology


Personalised Support

Optimized Application Process
he way that the coatings are applied to a surface matters a lot to effect that the product or coating has, the bespoke application process is meant to let visitors know that Biointeractions offers the service of coating unique devices in the most efficient way of coating.
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House Coating Services
Our excellent facilities include a custom designed production laboratory, enabling effective routine tasking as well as highly sophisticated operation by our team of skilled technicians and scientists.
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Functional Performance Testing
Medical device companies choose to collaborate with us in their major projects because of the depth of our expertise. Get the custom designed technological solution you want within time scale and without fuss.
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Our C2C support service comprises of a tailored application process, experienced coating-testing facilities and our in-house coating service. Our high-performance, multi-phase materials are integrated with C2C support services for an all-inclusive, personalised support service.

The technology portfolio offered by BioInteractions adapts to a broader range of medical devices than that of many competitors. This gives you the customer increased versatility and the ability to design economical biocompatible materials for a greater number of differing applications.A major technological benefit to clients of BioInteractions' high performance coating solutions is that we offer external and internal surface coating - more advantageous than other surface modification techniques. We at BioInteractions offer contract research capabilities, where our range of abilities have extensive applications. The relevance of our know-how, innovation and capability has across-the-board implicationsin healthcare and in science.

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