Thirty years of ‘evolution’ marks a turning point in medical device coatings

The BioInteractions team celebrating this milestone at Compamed, where they will showcase their current portfolio of device coating solutions.

BioInteractions, the leading research and development company specialising in biomaterial technologies for the worldwide medical device industry, is celebrating this week its 30th anniversary. Thirty years ago, BioInteractions Founder Ajay Luthra had a dream to improve the effectiveness of biocompatible treatments to enhance patient therapies. He built BioInteractions to realise his vision to improve the application and lifetime of a wide range of medical devices including  stents, valves and catheters, by creating state-of-the-art materials that have become a critical factor behind the success of many of today’s medical devices. According to BioInteractions, coatings have just begun to shape the future of the  industry. The company that enables most of the world’s leading medical device OEMs, has a bold plan for new products that keep efficacy, durability, and safety at the heart of their innovations.   

This week the company celebrates the success of its first innovation – antithrombogenic* material being developed into a biocompatible coating for medical devices. Over the decades, BioInteractions has grown as a critical partner with major manufacturers of healthcare technology by delivering key products that improve lubricity, anti-clotting and anti-microbial protection for long periods of time; all are based upon a unique insight into biomaterials, blood chemistry and in the anatomical systems of the body. The coatings have featured as a key component within solutions as diverse as the Affinity Oxygenator System and the Certofix Protect Catheter among many other leading devices.

“Over the last 30 years, the team at BioInteractions have been developing innovative biocompatible technology solutions that deliver an evolutionary step forward in medical devices and healthcare provision. Thanks to our innovations we have revolutionised patient care to such an extent that our solutions have aided the success of device related procedures, reduced the risk of rejection and minimised post operative infections,” explains Arjun Luthra, BioInteractions’ Commercial Director. “We are particularly proud of our track record on safety alongside efficacy. To date, thanks to our vigilant testing that is built-in to our manufacturing, we have never been required to recall a product. This pays tribute to my Father’s legacy which aimed to improve well-being and reduce risks to both patients and professionals.”

BioInteractions will be at Compamed, Hall 8B, stand number 30, showcasing its current portfolio of biocompatible technology solutions. To schedule a meeting with the team at the event or over the phone contact us now on

* Antithrombogenic materials gives the coating the ability to interrupt the blood cascade mechanism. This prevents platelets from activating and hinders thrombus formation.