What is

Assist™ is a hydrophilic coating that provides a high-performance lubricious surface for long-term applications without particulate formation or delamination of the coating on devices approved both in the USA and EU. Assist™ Hydrophilic Coating uses a two-factor approach to reduce friction at the device-body interface for long periods of time.

The coating enhances biocompatibility of the surface whilst decreasing the frictional resistance. This significantly reduces tissue damage and improves comfort when delivering or removing devices from the patient. Assist™ includes a non-thrombogenic agent which reduces deposition and adhesion of cells onto the device surface by improving laminar flow. The coating hinders occlusion of the device and allows the device to remain in position for extensive use.


Highly Lubricious

Resist Particle Delamination

Reduces Deposition

Flexible and Durable

UV or HC Cured


  • Guidewires
    Joint Replacements
    Urinary Catheters
    Delivery Systems
    Central Venous Access