What is

Astute® Antithrombogenic Coating has obtained clinical recognition for its safe and successful use on blood contacting medical devices. It is a coating that uses an active antithrombogenic component combined with additional passive components to mimic the natural endothelial layer.

The active component gives the coating the ability to interrupt the blood cascade mechanism, preventing platelets from activating and hinders thrombus formation. Astute® uses the additional passive components to prevent blood components from depositing on to the device surface. This multi-faceted approach provides superior haemocompatibility to the surface and delivers significant benefits which can lead to an improvement in the patient’s well-being. This combination actively prevents thrombus formation, is non-leaching and prevents deposition onto the surface. The non-leaching properties of the coating helps to provide a consistent, long-term effect on the surface without any reduction in performance.


Mimics Endothelial Layer

Stops Blood
Clot Cascade

Blocks Thrombosis Formation

Laminar Flow

and Durable


  • Extracorporeal Oxygenators
    Neurovascular Implants
    Valve Replacements
    Dialysis Systems
    Coronary Stents