What is

TridAnt® Antimicrobial is a non-leaching coating that provides infection resistance to a surface and reduces biofilm formation. The coating targets a broad spectrum of bacteria, which significantly reduces the risk of infections.

The coated surface interacts with the bacteria and causes them to physically lyse. This process is non-leaching and provides a consistent effect without any degradation of impact by releasing components. This dual functionality gives the coating advantages over alternative options for tackling infections on a surface. The contact kill mechanism hinders biofilm formation which significantly reduces the ability of bacteria remaining on the surface. The combined active and passive components of the coating provide an effective method to eliminate bacteria, prevent biofilm formation and inhibits bacteria from adhering to the surface. The coating accomplishes this without the use of any toxic or eluting components. The two-factor approach prevents infections from arising as well as from spreading, which helps reduce the risk from surface contamination.


5+ log reduction kills gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria (coated vs uncoated)

Protects against infection from the moment the device is deployed

Enhanced coating protects medical device consistently for up to 365 days

Active and passive agents block, repel and kill to protect the surface

Non-leaching technology reduces risk for patients and provides consistent protection


  • Central Venous Devices
    Endotracheal Tubes
    Intraocular Lenses
    Titanium Cranioplasty
    Neurological Stents