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Biocompatible Coatings
Medical Coatings Overview

Medical coatings provided by BioInteractions, such as our Advanced Heparin Coating (biocompatible and tissue compatible), Surface Active Antimicrobial Coating and Highly Lubricious Coating are at the top end of innovation. The applications for these coatings lie in perfusion, infusion, implantable products, sensors, and in-vitro diagnostics.


Advanced Heparin Coating

The Astute® Antithrombogenic Coating actively improves the haemocompatibility of a device surface. Our coating enables the device to perform its intended function as well as reduces the risk of further complications from occurring in the patient.

BlocksThrombosis formation

StopsBlood Activation

MimicsEndothelial Layer

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green-after AvertPlus infection resistance


Surface Active Antimicrobial Coating

AvertPlus™ Antimicrobial is a non-leaching coating that provides infection resistance to a surface and reduces biofilm formation. The coating targets a broad spectrum of bacteria, which significantly reduces the risk of infections.

EliminatesVariety of Bacteria

PreventsBiofilm Formation

FreeFrom Toxic Components

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Hydrophilic Coating

The Assist™ Hydrophilic Coating delivers a high-performance lubricious surface for long term applications. The coating enables the surface to significantly reduce the frictional resistance which reduces tissue damage and improves comfort when delivering or removing a device in a patient.

Flexible& Stable


ShieldsFrom Deposition

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