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BioInteractions is at the forefront of today's global ongoing quest for enhanced and more sophisticated biocompatible solutions. Committed to progress in medical advancement, our ability to think laterally and respond quickly continues to result in many of our clients being first to market with breakthrough technology.

Optimised Application


The way that the coatings are applied to a surface matters a lot to effect that the product or coating has, the bespoke application process is meant to let visitors know that Biointeractions offers the service of coating unique devices in the most efficient way of coating. So they tailer the application process to the particular device or product.

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Coating Performance


Medical device companies choose to collaborate with us in their major projects because of the depth of our expertise. As an independent team we can fine tune in optimum time, so that you get the custom designed technological solution you want within time scale and without fuss. We also have the experience to support you from day one, easing you through first phase to speedier regulatory approval, product launch and market acceptance.

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In-House Commercial


Our excellent facilities include a custom designed production laboratory, enabling effective routine tasking as well as highly sophisticated operation by our team of skilled technicians and scientists. Onsite, we utilise a broad spectrum of high-tech equipment, from fully customised polymerisation rigs, to analytical resources, such as FT-IR and GPC. We also house a vibrant and innovative R&D department, focused on delivering the next generation of cutting edge biomaterials through both in-house projects and collaborative partnerships.

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